Baan Suan Prasertporn



Baan Suan Pasertporn Resort located in the perfect address of Amphawa. Only 72 kilometers from Bangkok or just 3 driving kilometers from floating market, Baan Suan Pasertporn is a magical place situated for family and friend relaxation.  Come to experience the Thai way of life and stay in ‘Baan Suan Pasertporn Resort’, this will be your unforgettable vacation experience. 

Baan Suan Pasertporn Resort offers the idyllic retreat on the bank of Bangkhae canal which blends traditional Thai houses with contemporary. It’s the best way to immerse you in the natural beauty and serenity here with us.

Each unit is nested in tropical garden creating the perfect hideaway for those looking to avoid Thailand’s mass tourism.  Parking lot is surrounding by magnificent Centella Asiatica Urban trees.  On the walkway to the canal is the entrance that covered with majestic Gardenia Carinata Wallich trees and fragrant Chinese Roses.  To sit down and relax in waterfront pavilion while enjoying the beautiful view of canal and Thai way of life is an unforgettable experience that you can find it here at Baan Suan Pasertporn Resort.

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